Pastor Goke Afolayan: CYN Message to Ministers of the Gospel



This message is for Yoruba Christians and Ministers of the Gospel in particular.  Now that the election in Nigeria is approaching and the candidates are now virtually identified, we consider it time again address Yoruba Christians. When we say Yoruba Christians, and more so when we identify ourselves as Christians for Yoruba Nation, some see this as a division within Christendom, that we are seeking to divide Christianity into Constituent Nations.

That is not what we are doing. We fully recognize the Body of Christ as one. But within that Body, there are different Nationalities as there are different tongues as per God’s creation. That’s the way God made us. So, it is not anti-Scripture to recognize ourselves in the Nation and tongue that God has made us. It is perfectly Scriptural. Our intention is not to divide the Body of Christ on sectional basis. Absolutely not. It is just a recognition of ourselves in the Nation that God has made us within the Body of Christ.

As the election approaches, there is something that is very important that CYN will like to address. Many Ministers of the Gospel, including myself, have encouraged our congregation to get their PVCs towards the forthcoming election. Now that these have been collected, it is important to address the question: What’s Next? That is, what’s next after collecting our PVCs?

Do we go out to vote for an individual because he or she belong in the same religion with us; or belong in the same denomination or because they have and share an agenda with which we identify and are praying for as Christians?

Speaking of Praying—at CYN, we pray for:

  • Self-determination for Yoruba Nation, and we encourage other Christians in other Nationalities within Nigeria to do the same for their Nations.
  • The establishment of a Union of Nigerian Constituent Nationalities as the new, Federalist political structure for Nigeria.

Towards this end, we have endorsed the Draft Yoruba Constitution and the Yoruba Manifesto. We are also taking steps to produce them for distribution among Yoruba Christians, particularly the Ministers. We are also organizing Prayer Breakfast Meetings about Self-determination for Yoruba People. We encourage everyone, particularly my fellow Ministers, to start looking into the subject of Self-determination for all Nationalities in Nigeria.

If we consider it a religious value to support the Nation of Israel in their Nationality, why can’t we do the same for our people? Yes, we pray for Nigeria, but when it comes to recognizing our differences as Constituent Nationalities, we balk; and in some cases, we even reject the notion as being against God’s will and God’s virtue. I encourage us to pause and take a deeper look. We need to pray for the Peoples of Nigeria in their God-made Nations. It is God that made us as Peoples in our Nations.

I encourage us to educate ourselves and our congregations about Self-determination. Self-determination of Yoruba People is very important to us at CYN.

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Thank you. God Bless you. God Bless Yoruba Nation.

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